A sneak peek into The Method of this Life Recipe – HOW TO start baking your best life!

The process is so simple.

1. Work out what it is that you wish for each of Life's 7 INGREDIENTS.

2. Follow the METHOD of the Recipe:

* Which begins with how you choose to MIX your INGREDIENTS. How you proportion your time.

* Then follow the 7 important BAKING instructions. To turn your wishes into reality.

Life is busier than ever before in history and so to gain a balance of all of Life’s Ingredients and to find happiness it is necessary to simply stop and to take time to reflect each birthday on how your life is, in terms of:


What you are DOING.

& how you are BEING.


This is your VIBE! It is what you are drawing into your life by the things that you do and how you choose to Capture!

By following the steps of this recipe and adding your own balance of Ingredients you will find your own BRILLIANT, simply by living true to you.

As babies we all were BRILLIANand are now, we might just have become dulled over time by COMPLAINING and COMPARING. So if you do not feel or see BRILLIANright now – just know that you can if you choose to.


The trick is how much you stay away from COMPLAINING and COMPARING and instead focus on you and take responsibility for your own happiness. Of course we will all have days when we wobble when positivity goes out of the window and we just feel low. Uncertainty & sickness brings us the most stress and cannot  Capture avoided in our own and in the lives of the ones we love, so we will all at times have moments and situations to deal with.


The intention of The Recipe is to provide a process that you follow each Birthday (WHY BIRTHDAYS), where you choose and review your path. Then keep on this path, by following The Recipe’s method which involves implementing certain actions each year and by daily checking your VIBE.  This daily check is to help if you get stuck in ‘BUZZ’ mode where you are caught in your head and are spinning through LOW-VIBE thoughts, forgetting all of the good and the sunshine that IS in your life.


By checking your VIBE each – or most days –  by becoming more and more aware of your thoughts and where your mind is set. Means you will more quickly cop back on when you need to.

You will see that to compare in a detrimental way will only zap your VIBE.


To COMPLAIN and to COMPARE. To bitch about things, or others, rather than addressing things straight up can make you feel sour and far far far from BLISS.

Instead this Recipe will inspire a diet not of complaint, comparing and bitching – replacing these with getting out in the fresh air, taking time to day dream about what it is that you DO want – then writing these down and giving you a structure to set about doing them!


Our parents, relationships and friends are not responsible for making us happy. It is wonderful if they do. However, only you can create happiness for yourself by working out what and whom you want on your path and where you want it to lead….then start walking.  Deciding what life you want to bake for yourself!


Ask yourself if in 1,2,3,5,or even 10 years from now your life stays on the same track that it is now…would you  Capture  happy?


I hope so however, if you are feeling lost or not comfortable and mind not at ease then maybe this Recipe is for you. Take a look at through this website before you decide to buy The Recipe. Read the first 12 steps of The Recipe Life’s Ingredients to see if they resonate with you and if they do then great, you will get a lot out of implementing The Recipe. Which costs £20, with 20% of the proceeds going to my two favourite charities (details below).


If you do not connect with this Recipe, then fine…hopefully it is because you are totally happy and know where you are headed in life.


If this writing just triggers you then that is also cool, I understand that it is challenging and takes much effort to take responsibility for our thoughts and choices and that for some this effort may not Capture possible right now – or desired. Some people would rather zone out and keep themselves numbed and distracted from their feelings,  going through life keeping their minds so busy that they have no time to step back and see the bigger picture of where they are directing their path.


Some people would rather believe that life is happening to them and that the world is against them, seeing themselves as victims to life, with the phrase ‘yeah but’ as their standard response to any suggestion that their own mind, or another person offers to their complaints.  E.g. “How about trying this” –  would get the reaction “yeah but, that will NEVER work”…since basically that means they will need to make some effort to create change!

It is much harder to Captureaware and to Capture responsible for our own path’s than to go through life COMPLAINING & COMPARING however, over time it does get easier – I guess like learning to drive – which is scary as heck at first & almost unimaginable that it could ever feel natural. After a while of focused effort you don’t think about it, you just get in the car and off you go…without always being aware of how you got there.


Mind setting and the process of maintaining GOOD-VIBES is the same!

After you have completed The Recipe don’t fret or freak out if forget to check your VIBE each day or week, it is easy to slip out of habit – especially if you are around negative people – to pick up the contagious moans and groans!


The Recipe’s process is set up so that you plan to review it regularly throughout the year which keep’s you in check. So that on the return of each Birthday things change and your life moves in the direction that you want it to.

Which feels just BRILLIANto Capture yourself!

The Recipe has space marked for you to fill in your Ingredients. The MIX and BAKE parts of the METHOD are full of suggestions  and guidance for how you plan your time and then take action towards your wishes. It is a space that offers the chance for you to allow yourself to give the time and place to your dreams.


In the global corporate world there is so much time dedicated to reviewing where you are at and where you are aiming for – which more often than not comes to fruition – with the application of time and effort, plus the support of coaching and different courses. The corporate world had taught me about achieving goals and that to make changes all you need to apply is:

  1. Thought.
  2. Belief.
  3. EFFORT.
  4. and Time.

For those not likely to have opportunity to go on some kind of corporate coaching, this Recipe will give you the chance to take stock of your life and plan for your future.

By finding a balance that works for you of Life’s 7 INGREDIENTS simply by taking a birds eye view of your life, where you have the clarity to choose where you are headed each year and if tweaks need to made.


To ensure that you do not keep your head in the sand about things and end up with regrets.

To clear out old unwanted memories and thoughts that crush your VIBE when you remember them.

To release any layers of self doubt that hover in your energy field like cobwebs.

To self coach, if guidance has been lacking which for a lot of people sadly this is the case. Once the safety net of being in education is taken away…what will you do? Who do you want to Capture?

Or if you are older like I was when starting this Recipe at 28, I had to ask myself what do I want for my future?


The recipe provides a structure to answer these questions to put you on right path for you.



I wanted to share as much content as possible for free on this Good-VibeNation site, which I believe I have done, by putting all of the details of the INGREDIENTS in the Blog section. That way, you know if Good-VibeNation is for you before making your decision to buy The Recipe. 


With the profits made from selling this recipe I shall support my 2 favourite charities:


Firstly the BEES. Due to my love of these little fellas I am donating 10% of the proceeds of this recipe to the amazing work of the


 Bumblebee Conservation Trust 


& Secondly a further 10% to


A wonderful organisation, that provides invaluable comfort and care via emotional and practical support to families, that are facing the unimaginable loss of a child. They have great events which they need people to support by attending, throughout the year, please check out their site if you are interested – or are looking to take on a sports challenge anytime soon! www.rainbowtrust.org.uk. My plan is to create a pot of money that can be used to treat and uplift the Rainbow Carers. The heroes of this charity! To boost their VIBES so that they have enough energy to continue to give out to others all of the time.