The 2 A's - Alchemy & Attraction


What VIBE are you putting out? Thus what will come back to you via alchemy and attraction? Know that the 2 A’s alchemy & attraction are working all the time, whether you choose to play with them or not.

The more we tap into a greater understanding of the power of our minds, the more we are amazed by our human potential. I am fascinated by the influence to our VIBE that the 2 A’s have:


  1. ATTRACTION - as in the LAW of 


Learning about and understanding where we vibrate is such a gift to ourselves as our VIBE is so important to keep in check. It is the sum of what we are DOING and how we are BEING. By understanding the importance of & influence of these, we can learn to play with the power of our minds. We can use Alchemy & Attraction to our advantage.


I wish I knew this in my teens. Now I am in my 30s I love my life, I am living the dreams I had in my 20s as a busy; mother, wife, friend, daughter, sister, sister in law, colleague. I have a lot of balls to juggle. So I am grateful to have learnt about alchemy & attraction - I use both to create better for myself.


I discovered them, in 2008, after years of being in a vibration of anxiety. Drifting through life and much of my 20s, dealing with one stress & drama or another. I used to repeat a weekly pattern of wasting my thoughts & time fixated on the past or worrying about the future.  Keeping myself and my mind busy with a constant ‘to do list - I was addicted to work. To try & relax I would zone out & numb myself to my dreams, by completely filling any spare time with TV, socialising, or the internet, anything to ensure my mind was occupied and distracted from my true feelings. 


I was too BUZZED (stressed) out to consider that I had the power of choice and could choose better for myself, to get to a place of GOOD-VIBES. For years, I allowed my mind to race with all sorts of worries & randomness. I did not allow my mind to focus. Let alone create. I chose to follow any new negative thought that wanted to embed. I would let any new stressful idea roll in and swirl about in my mind until I had a headache. A day without a headache until a few years ago was a good one for me. Believe me I literally did my own head in with my thoughts. 







THE LAW OF - Needs little explanation I am sure. ‘The Secret’ - that isn’t so secret anymore! - thanks to Rhonda Byrne, Abraham Hicks, and many others. We can Master the Law of Attraction, when:

We spend our thoughts on the things that we DO want to happen in our lives. 

By taking the time to get to know ourselves, so that we can truly be ourselves. 

By daring to dream and wishing well for ourselves. 


The Law of Attraction is no joke! 


To not take notice or responsibility of our thoughts & therefore our VIBE, is to ignore the power that our mind has over our daily & future experiences. I learnt the hard way with my experience of migraines in my 20s. By learning to ‘keep myself in check’ these days. I note when my mind races & is affected by different people & situations and make myself think more positively. I have learnt to look after myself & my VIBE, by choosing wisely where, how & with whom I spend my time. 



ALCHEMY - Transmuting from one state into another. 


Alchemy to me adds layers to the LOA since wishing alone is not going to work if your VIBE does not match what you wish for. For example, if you wish for love and are not in a loving mental vibration with yourself. Or you do not believe at some level, that you deserve true love. You cannot magnetise love to you. 


 “As above so below” is an ancient hermetic saying, based on the knowledge of there being 3 planes of existence:

  • Spiritual - our BELIEFS.
  • Mental - our THOUGHTS.
  • & Physical - us & THINGS.


So without going too deeply into this, the truth is that all exist and all relate to each other. The principal of alchemy is that one state cannot be without another. So, if you think something it is in mental form, alchemy is that it will then, in time, manifest in the physical form. However, you can’t just think something and, poof, it appears - sadly we are not genies, we are humans! 


We have to put enough energy into thinking about the things we want. We have to be patient & and allow things to appear in the fullness of time. (If you are interested to read more about alchemy the book ‘Divine Magic’ by Doreen Virtue, is a great one).  


When I first discovered alchemy the more thought I gave to it, the more life changing it is to grasp. It truly fascinates me and is a brilliant tool to use to keep myself in check. For instance, I thought about all of the things in the past that I did believe I had to worry about, have worried - & can still - worry about at times. It is human nature to worry, to complain & to compare, yet the more we understand about the power of our minds - and the idea of vibration being affected by attraction & alchemy - the more we see that to dwell in these low states is unwise.


I now use the saying, “As above so below” as a tool to remind myself of the power of belief & thoughts. When I catch myself worrying about things. I can then ask myself if what I am anxious about is really true? Or am I actually wishing for this worst case scenario by dwelling on something that has not or might not happen. Do I really want to be giving any mental energy to my worries, by allowing them headspace? Since I certainly do not want them popping into the physical. Therefore, I must get a grip on where my mind is set each day. 


Anything that feels low can, with alchemy, be transformed into a more joyful & peaceful state. After taking responsibility for your part & doing what you can to change a draining situation. For example, speaking up & addressing a situation if it concerns another, to clear the air where possible. If your mind still buzzes and is unable to let go of a reoccurring critical thought then transform this part of your life - or any that you are not satisfied with and has any drama going on. 


So what is your mind MAGNETISING to you?


What VIBE are you putting out? Thus what will come back to you via alchemy and attraction? Know that the 2 A’s alchemy & attraction are working all the time, whether you choose to play with them or not.