What mark do you wish to leave on the world?

...Working out who you are so you can decide what you wish  known for. What will bring you


 & earn you a living?

Who do you CHOOSE to ?

Luther Vandross - or we should say Jerry Allen Cohen, Gene Mcfadden & John Whitehead who wrote the song, "Ain't no stopping us now" - are bang on with the vocals: 

"I know you know someone that has a negative VIBE

And if you're trying to make it they only push you aside

They really don't have, no where to go - ask them where they're going...

they DON'T know!"

What do you wish to  known for?

It would image.png great if we could earn a living in a way that was uplifting to us. 


I felt flat for years and was BUZZED out earning a living in a sales role - since this was so alien to my actual nature. The lure of money got me through for so long. But the anxiety of continuing to image.png good enough at it was exhausting! Having targets was stressful for me. I am not actually competitive enough to keep up with winning. So when the penny finally dropped - that I could do something instead that I WOULD enjoy - I felt so relieved. I looked to change my direction. I chose to leave sales in 2010. Testing a few paths since then - that were chosen for their neutral VIBE - as I worked my way through limbo & tried to figure out what was going to be right for me. I now pay for my BRILLIANT life as a mother, wife, friend, daughter, sister, daughter in law, sister in law...in a part time role working in HR.

Which is amazingly uplifting. Since it is working with BRILLIANT people for a small family company. My ultimate wish is to be a children's author & I have a series of 7 books underway. If I could tell myself back in 2008 when I chose to take a 'look at my balls' I would have not believed my future self say that I would be writing now.


So have the courage, is all I want to say to you. The courage to take the time to really get to know yourself - to work out what would feel natural & uplifting to you & will boost your VIBE.

Self exploration techniques that helped me...



Finding Chinese numerology fascinating myself and doing readings for friends for the past 7 years has made me really respect and enjoy developing my knowledge of this ancient system. Each year I have my ‘regulars’ who, like me, get a lot out of finding out what the vibe of the year will be for them. And I now interpret lots of friends of friends on recommendation. As a great self awareness tool I am constantly fascinated by the detail of human nature within numerology . If you too want an interpretation then  message me here to book a slot. Here are the deets:


Full interpretation 90 mins call over zoom, £88 detailing: The vibration of 

1. Your personality self. 

2. Your emotional self (who we become when joyful or stressed). 

3. Your potential/purpose/flow/ dharma (whatever you might call this) - the balance of head and heart/ego and soul. Who your true self is.



When you play to your own strengths and are aware of what is not a natural fit for you then life flows a heck of a lot easier. Trust me!!

Chinese Numerology Full Interpretation



Life codes.

Heidi Sawyer's work referenced in the BAKE section of The Recipe, I find fascinating. The Life Codes are a combination of two ancient traditions. Numerology & the kabbalistic Tree of Life are combined to suit a modern and busy life. This combination gives a unique perspective into your life’s mission – to join the personality self (every-day world ‘ego’) & the soul (deeper sense of knowing). Intuition opens up for a person on this journey as a way to connect these two parts of your inner world that leads essentially to a greater sense of purpose, peace & belonging in the world.




Find out your personality.

16 Personalities.

Global companies invest HUGE amounts into sharing this system, based on Myers Brigg's wonderful work.

The AIM of this BEING to ensure that their people stay in a state of awareness, about ACCEPTANCE & UNDERSTANDING of their teams. 

To avoid drama. So that everyone is focused on the 



I find it SO BRILLIANT that this site is available. I wish I could Marty McFly it back to being 16yrs old & give my younger unsure self this test. [though we didn't have the opportunity of the internet then!]


Carol Tuttle's work referenced in the BAKE section of The Recipe, I find remarkable. Her system of working out your true nature is SO BRILLIANT. It has helped me to understand & to accept myself. 



She also has created THE CHILD WHISPERER.



Which is an amazing take on little one's personalities. It has already helped me to 

a better parent, by examining where my daughter's nature differs to mine. To find ways that honour us both to bring harmony.


There is more to it than splitting the world into 12!

I had my full chart interpreted 9 years ago & I can only describe this experience, as a MOST intense coaching session. I was shocked at the details of my past & my nature, that it revealed.


Whilst looking at sun signs in horoscopes is fun. It is just a snapshot.

If you want to delve deeper into you. I totally recommend the 50 odd pounds, it will cost to consult with an expert.


I do love watching Michelle Knight's chats on you tube each week. She has such a BRILLIANCE about her.