The deeper we tap into the power of our minds, the more we will be amazed by our potential as humans, and I am fascinated by the influence that alchemy and the law of attraction have on our vibration.


By learning about and understanding where we vibrate, we can then learn to play with the power of our minds, and use alchemy and attraction to our advantage.


Here are three simple but effective ways to raise your vibration for positive effect:



1) Clear up your physical state…


I am a huge fan of the ancient practice of Feng Shui and absolutely recommend an annual clear out and deep clean of your physical environments. This will keep your thoughts clear and your vibe high. Since the energy of your home, office, car, etc, will be fresh and full of things you love and that resonate with you.


The ancient hermetic phrase ‘As above so below’ means that if your outer world is cluttered and full of unnecessary items, the same will be true of your inner world. In clearing out your home and, therefore, thoughts you allow new opportunities and welcome changes to enter.


I am known for an annual de-clutter and stick to these three rules:


*Love it? – It stays, even if it does not have a use.

*Use it? – Then it obviously stays.

*Lose it? - If I do not love or use it, I recycle it, take to a charity shop or bin it.



2) Handwrite out your wishes to bring what you want into the physical…


This is such a simple technique to harness the power of alchemy. Every year, on my birthday, I use the power of the written word by writing out my ‘Woo’s’, those things that I both wish for and welcome into each area of my life.


I then spend time throughout the year focusing on these things - and re-reading to affirm them - to build their energy, and then take any necessary action when appropriate to make them manifest in my reality.



3) Practice the art of gratitude to transform your mental and physical state…


If you feel lost right now, or that things are not going your way, know that the magic to shift your vibe from low to good is to focus on what is good - no matter how small. This Eastern way of way of viewing life resonated deeply with me when I first heard it. Simply put, rather than keeping up with the neighbours, as we seem fixated on in the Western world, do it as it’s done in the East, and be grateful that you are not out on the streets, begging for food.


The power of a grateful mindset is huge - to be thankful for the things you do have not only means that you will feel happier, but it will also attract more things to be thankful for.


To get into a good head space you need to step back to just be and to be grateful for things as they are.


So what is your mind magnetising to you? What vibe are you putting out? What will come back to you via alchemy and attraction?


Remember, both alchemy and attraction are working all the time, whether you choose to play with them or not.