Designed to bring CALM - a self coaching technique in the form of a simple 12 step RECIPE. To help #keepyourvibeincheck


To stop us all BAFFING (being in states of boredom, anger & fear) & instead experience a BIC life (where we create brilliance, we allow intrigue & feel calm).



What is brilliance to you?


Getting to STEP 4 (for free on YouTube) where you map out your own choices for Life's 7 INGREDIENTS, will guide you through working out what makes you tick, really!


... After that it's £20 please - then no further cost, just the commitment to yourself to take time out each year on your birthday, to review your INGREDIENTS.



To coach yourself (with the support of the 12 steps on YouTube) to think about how you will continue to create a life that is BRILLIANT & where you feel many moments of BLISS!

When you sort your head out - your life sorts itself out!

...How to Keep Your VIBE in Check?

We all get anxious and feel overwhelmed at times - life has never been so busy and living in a wonky world can feel intense!!


Good-VibeNation is a self-coaching tool to help you step back and work out - what it is that you DO want from life?!  


The RECIPE is a mash up of corporate & spiritual techniques blended to ensure that you:

1. Make the best of your time.

2. Become responsible for experiencing your own GOOD-VIBES!

Let us help you get more peace of mind!

It will cost you £20 and your own time and effort to follow this magical method [each birthday] to find your own happy balance between the BLISS of just being and the BUZZ of all the things in life that need doing.