STEP 6. Life's 1st INGREDIENT - You & Your Health.

Wishing Well for Life’s 1st Ingredient: You and Your Health

…So have you actually bought yourself a notebook yet, to Capture your birthday book? – One that you will  befriend, keeping it near, for it is intended to Capture your very own magical place. A space that allows you to follow this recipe, by noting down and gathering images of your wishes?

I hope so – however, if not, know that all being asked here is to think about what it is that you are wishing to move towards on your life’s path?

Parts of my methods I have taken from the concept of the Law of Attraction, which is a truth that has gone global over the past 8 years with the publication of ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne.  This marvellous and magical book has helped to open our minds to just how powerful our thoughts are.  It was chance meeting with a lovely lady, Lynn Rich who simplified the LOA teachings for me and to whom I am so grateful for making me ‘get’ this simple truth that Buddha said himself, that “thoughts become things”.

Thoughts beecome things

 What things do you want? – What would be at the end of your rainbow for each of your life’s ingredients? Think on this and start your birthday book.

For it is true that… If you don't have a dream

If you don’t have a dream or idea about the direction that you wish your path to take then you are going to just recreate whatever your life’s experience is right now.


If you have taken the time to notice, you might have found that you have been spending thoughts complaining on some level about what you have or haven’t got? This is human nature. A part of our nature that is not helpful – just today I have found myself doing this at work (Capture it just in my head), at the amount I have on my desk in comparison to others….Well, after a good few hours of this I had well and truly crushed my VIBE, I started with complaint and had quickly moved onto comparing (two of human natures less shiny aspects). It was only when I was at yoga tonight (that I started 2 yrs. ago as a result of realising that I needed to boost my 1st ingredient ‘ME’ with BLISS) that I noticed how busy and reactive my mind had become.

Yoga (with the BRILLIANTVictoria, & a text from Steph made me cop on to myself…and how I need to watch my thoughts!

We all compare it is human nature. Just note that comparing is a GOOD-VIBE killer. Like taking a pin to a balloon there is no containing happiness or elation when we choose either of the 2 contagious C’s – to compare or to complain.

Don’t be hard on yourself when you do compare and you do complain – I know I have my days, like today where I let things get to me or I react – I would like blame hormones for which – but this would Capture unfair.

Sometimes I can just Capturegrumpy!

Tiredness, hunger, cold temperatures & overdoing things are my triggers to low VIBES. This is why I choose to keep an eye on my 1st ingredient ‘ME’ so that I allow these states to become less frequent.

Remember tomorrow is a new day and with it brings a bright new opportunity to think and therefore create better.

Recap of 1st ingredient ‘ME’ and my health

This week I noted down the simple things that I do each day which contribute to my whole vibration staying good. Sharing this method with you has been marvellous for me because it has made me realise just how much more balance I have created in the past 6 years.

2008 was full on BUZZ mode!

BRILLIANCE to me, is finding the balance between the BLISS and the BUZZ.  

bliss n buzz blog piccy

So for me to get to balance all it meant was that BLISS was needed and this 1st ingredient is all about that! I have made promises to myself over time, these are the things that I have learnt that I need to do each day & week in order to feel my happy self. What I have learnt over years of exploring the 1st ingredient is that I feel better if I take the time to do simplest of things, that add up overall, making a huge difference to my VIBE – such as

  • Eating breakfast (not just drinking coffee) & eating well generally – allowing weekends to Capture my balance with treats.
  • Getting enough water and not just buzzing through on caffeine
  • Taking my make up off properly each eve
  • Moisturising my skin
  • Keeping my epilation up makes a massive difference to me.
  • Brushing my hair – more than once just quickly in the morning.
  • Doing my make-up not in the maddest of rushes.

What would yours Capture?

If we do not do things to balance and uplift ourselves then how can we  Capturehappy and have happy relationships with others?

This is a remarkable thought that I have to remind myself of often.

To take continued responsibility for my life and my own happiness I find it useful to loosely map out my weekly leisure time, day by day. This stops me from slipping back into bad habits of over work & lack of self-care.

Monday is ‘my day’ – I promise to do something at the start of a new week to make me go WOO!! This week I took myself out on an amazing stroll in the Greatest of Parks. It was BRILLIANT

Tuesdayfor me is my time for Yoga…which right now is outside in the grounds of a beautiful hotel surrounded by trees. BLISS!

Wednesday is my JFF day. ‘Just for FUN!!!’ – I keep the midweek as a moment to do something after work that I really enjoy. It is not about anything but just Capture ing. Sometimes I do a drawing. (in 2013 my star gorgeously gifted me an evening art class at Strodes College down the hill from us. It was BRILLIANT). I have a renewed love of the fun of painting & colouring. I even joined the local art society last year and love to go each month for the demonstration from an expert. I absolutely love to learn and adore this time.

This week my Star took me to a driving range to try out golf, it was super fun and spontaneous. BRILLIANT!

Thursday – I love to go the park once more, usually with a dear one. We do our walking whilst we are talking, making the most of the summer evenings. It is a BRILLIANT way for me to exercise & I love that I can connect with friends whilst getting fit. 

Friday – work stops at 3. This week I had my monthly pedicure – this is an inked in reminder in my diary– I love it!

Friday night is date night with my Star! Which is always BRILLIANT & BLISSFULL… we make sure to connect over food somewhere, taking it in turns each week to arrange the details.


When I think about what it is that I want this inspires me to turn these wishes into promises and dates in my diary that then DO happen! Bringing me so much BLISS!

By writing this I simply want to inspire you to make the time to explore the things that will make you go WOO TOO!!


Now for the 2nd ingredient – have fun this week exploring this part of your life. I am mixing up the order of the ingredients to bring ‘family’ next. The importance of where we come from and how this shapes our thoughts and expectations is MASSIVE. I encourage you to follow the same method as before. Simply write what comes to you based on the following prompts;2nd ingredient


STEP 7 – click HERE to go to the next step of this recipe, to complete the 2nd Ingredient: Your Family

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