Where are you spending life's most precious gift?...Your TIME?

Hearing this quote in 2007 struck deep, it made me realise how much time I was spending on work. 


Trying to keep up and prove myself. 


Too BUZZED out to avoid sorting the others out in my head. 


Chose not to think about them.

How to avoid smashing your 'balls?'

Blank out time for BLISS.

I plan weekends in my diary a few months ahead at a time to see where I have free time in the diary and then blank out one a month with a cross. To save it to ensure that it remains free, so that I do not end up over scheduling myself. I do this ritual now to save time to BEE after years of finding that all my weekends and most evenings had something going on. Which whilst it was most fun it was actually draining. Over time it meant that I was too burnt out to focus on changing the parts of my life that I wanted to.


You might BEE different and not need one weekend a month I know a lot of friends who are more sociable than me would find this too much. I just know that for my own GOOD-VIBE maintenance that I need this time to recharge and time where I am not on a time schedule.

Map out your MIX!

Decide how you wish to assign your time to each of  Life's 7 INGREDIENTS:

  • Weekly.
  • Monthly.
  • Yearly.
  • For your next 5 years.