To think about the VIBE you put out. To KEEP your VIBE in check!

Simply by thinking about how you are CHOOSING to is such a gift to ourselves.

Why?...well it widens our perspective.

To a place where we can take a birds eye view of our lives & the path that we are currently choosing. This creates a self awareness that will have no choice, but to prompt you to lead a happy life. 



To me, self awareness is simply an acceptance that happiness & EVERYTHING we have is just about choice. The choices of how we choose to think & therefore, how we choose to 


What we are attracting to ourselves is ULTIMATELY a reflection of where our mind is set.


If everyone got a grip & each day kept their own VIBE in check…by dealing with things as they come up. 


If we all communicate our feelings and wishes well & spoke up for ourselves.


If we accept others different ways & not allow misunderstandings to fester. Then the draining human behaviours stemmed from the low VIBE feelings of DISAPPOINTMENT & DISSATISFACTION [which breed RESENTMENT] would begin to cease in our world. 


Or at least lesson for now, until more and more people cop on & take responsibility for the VIBE that they put out. I know I have to daily check myself. That way, I know myself more and more & so can spot myself being triggered by things before reacting negatively - or at least before going completely into one about things! It also stops me from dwelling on things, that I have no right to change. E.g. others behaviour. 


When I do check myself, my days are far less dramatic - they are more BLISSFUL!


I advise instead of over thinking about what isn’t right. Try to get over our lower part of human nature that is addicted to drama and anxiety. Even just a little bit. For example, not reacting to someone else’s stuff. Or, not joining in with a bitching session by adding your 2 pence, about why someone or something has pissed you off. 


Instead choose to ditch any low VIBE thoughts [as many as you can} each day - then aim to up the amount you choose to let go of it in the coming weeks & months. If you do this, then trust me, over the year coming year you will be amazed at what challenging yourself like this does. You won’t recognise your VIBE - for the better - this time next year.


Try KEEPING YOURSELF IN CHECK. Try spending some of your daily, 60,000 thoughts thinking about the things that you DO want!

 What DO you want to learn?


 How DO you wish to spend the time that DO you have? 

 What DO you want to be known for?


 What mark on the world DO you wish to leave behind?

If you agree with Buddha & are willing to 

responsible for your VIBE

[by keeping it in check daily] then, The Recipe WILL work for you!

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