Lovely Laura told me that a slow burn is OK. It is where we are then creating firm foundations for things to come. Like an Oak tree it takes time to become mighty. Thankfully I speak to her in the moments where I cannot get over myself. The times when I am tired & if i haven't caught up with one of The TRIBE I haven't done my nails, my hair, my yoga. The time when I get caught up in the BUZZ at work. When I flit from my space of being with a toddler to then having to put my work hat on to pay the bills and meet the practicalities of life. 


My most annoying part of my nature for me...& certainly for those around me is my IMPATIENCE. I have a lot of ideas & excited fire in me, when I get a new idea that I want it done NOW.


I am terrible at waiting for things & whilst online shopping, messaging, movies at the touch of a button [not a trip to Blockbusters!] what we do have now is a lifestyle in The West where expect things straight away.


So doing my writing has been the biggest lesson to learn to enjoy the journey. Each step. Knowing the joy of paying forward the; truths, freedom of spirit, freedom of mind & most BLISSFULL feelings that walking your talk brings.


Each person that chooses to adopt the Good-VibeNation ways of keeping their VIBE in check. By, just simply being aware of our THINKING & therefore, BEHAVING better for ourselves. Seeking & then appreciating living the sunshine that IS in life.



  1. Working out with the RECIPE what your INGREDIENTS are - what it is that makes you tick? - THEN,
  2. Using the METHOD to work out your MIX - how you will proportion your TIME over the coming year for each INGREDIENT.
  3. DO The BAKE part of The METHOD - using the LAO [Law of Attraction], Alchemy & other BRILLIANT ideas that I have discovered from different corporate, practical & spiritual techniques. To make your wishes go from sheer fantasy into REALITY.