When you master the ART of ACCEPTANCE you master Life.

My gorgeously BRILLIANT friend Sarah has been a wonderfully uplifting influence on me she told me to aim higher for each & every area of my life. Her infectious childlike, positive energy inspired me to lighten up. To seek & then feel life's sunshine!


She too is BALANCED, she gives spiritual guidance that is incredibly real. She calls it Tarot - I call it counselling, since when we first spoke she didn't turn over more than one card. As she unveiled my deepest and most private thoughts. 


She lives by the theory that .......lochverurie notes. 


I am an eternal optimist I have adored the amount of information about spiritual & metaphysical subjects. I could bore you talking about chakras, energy, the power of colour & music to our VIBE. Angels, Numerology, Chinese Face Reading, all things Hay House.


What I have come to the conclusion matters most day to day about our VIBE is how we are being.



Our VIBE is the sum of what we choose to DO & how we choose to BEE!


Sarah has had such a grounding affect on me especially after inhaling ALL of the books, blog posts, radio shows, you-tube videos to work out what resonates with me.


What I can do to make the most of my life.


By living by the METHOD of the Recipe.  

The RECIPE: A practical, easy to follow & complete guide to creating a life that you will find BRILLIANT & one that will bring you many moments of BLISS.

Follow The METHOD of The RECIPE to attract what you wish!...This is to BEE in a state of BRILLIANCE.