The idea that life can be viewed as a RECIPE...

...first started when I decided to take time to appraise my life, to the degree that I assessed my performance in my corporate world. Why? – Well because at that time I had an overwhelming feeling of numbness, a sense of feeling low & flat. Having busied myself for years giving 110% of my energy to a corporate sales role that I was great at…but had no emotional connection to. It struck me whilst on yet another course at work – designed to enhance my performance – that up till this point in my life I had not thought about my own wishes for my time. Let alone dreamt well. I had not set my sights high enough for my own happiness!


From this revelation The Recipe was formed.


The 'Balls' quote by James Patterson, was what first inspired me to take this honest look at my WHOLE life. To take charge of where I spend my time.

By creating & following The Recipe over the past 9 years, I have worked out & created BRILLIANCE in each area/ INGREDIENT of my life. The Recipe ensures that I keep my VIBE in check & keep a happy balance between what in life needs DOING as well as leaving time to just 

I am humbled to share that I danced at 2 weddings last year, where one half of each happy couple told me that they had followed The Recipe [Step 9. LOVE. when it was first posted, back in 2014]. Which felt incredible! I mean, I knew it had worked for me [my life is absolutely unrecognisable, to where it was 9 yrs ago]. Yet to hear others getting GOOD-VIBES going - is just a joy.