My name is Cat and I have created Good-VibeNation because – and I know this is going to sound a bit ‘out there’ – I honestly have brought SO much joy, harmony, colour and well BRILLIANCE really into my life over the last 7 years.


When I look back to 7 years ago and think about all the different areas of my life it is nearly unrecognisable to me!

If I could go back in time, like Marty McFly, to have a conversation with my 27 year old self. Firstly I would make sure to give myself the HUGEST of hugs and say to me – “Yes Cat, things are the way they are now – not the best.  However, this dark cloud will soon blow over and you will move on to brighter times by learning things such as, introspection & healthy reflection. Then I promise you that if you make the headspace to do this – if you take responsibility for your life – by making positive new choices and taking new actions then by 2014 all areas of your life will become BRILLIANT.”

Owing simply to this on this site I will share my methods of creating HUGE happiness with my method for creating – baking – a BRILLIANT life – which I term the:

Recipe for a life that is BRILLIANT & one that will have many moments of BLISS.  

The recipe began as an idea that sprouted from a smart decision that I made in 2008, to take the time to appraise my personal life. To the degree that I had to with the annual reviews and the quarterly setting and reviewing of objectives in my corporate world.

The recipe will give you the steps to dance to the beat of your own heart…by being true to you! – Being in a place and with people that you love, doing what you feel is uplifting and natural to you. So you can experience GOOD-VIBES and get to a place where you feel satisfied with where you are directing you life’s path.

I am sharing this information to ‘pay it forward’, by writing out my tried and tested method for managing my life, which I have collated to form this recipe. In the hope that by using it more folk may find their own happy path and walk this world with more feelings of BLISS…why? Well just because I believe that a happier world will be a more peaceful world! And selfishly I guess, it feels so BRILLIANT to help others – the joy of giving is such a high VIBE – I had no idea how good giving can feel, until I worked for a children’s Charity, I totally recommend giving anything you can, if you need a boost.

You might be in a place right now where you feel less than BRILLIANT and far, far, far, from BLISS? –  if so then I encourage you to read this blog with an open mind and give the recipe a try.


This Recipe for creating a life that is BRILLIANT & one that will have many moments of BLISS seeks to provide a method for you to create your best life by first working out what your dreams are with working out your life’s ingredients…what it is that is at the end of your rainbow?! and are you moving towards them?


Follow The Recipe offers to allow yourself the time and place for your dreams. Once you begin to work out what they are, the method will show you how to mix and bake your INGREDIENTS. To create a life that is more – & one that can feel more – BLISSFULL!


If this resonates with you then great, I am excited for you! If not, I hope that you soon find a method that suits you to create a joyful life…thankfully there are many paths that lead to happiness.

It is my personal belief that life is meant to be simple.
Simply meant to  Capture  enjoyed!  & that TIME is the most precious gift that we have.


This recipe is designed to help you to choose well for how you spend yours, so that at the end of your path your memory bank will be full of many magical moments and not overdrawn with regrets.



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