Don't underestimate the weight of emotional baggage to your body

- Give your back some love!


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Clearing my physical state in 2017.

My extension of my 1st INGREDIENT (ME & MY HEALTH) this year, has been to book treatments with a chiropractor.


I went before I was pregnant in 2014, after finding a simple yoga back bend to be sore, I was so rigid and my shoulders ached constantly. It crackled and crunched when I rotated my arms.


I had not realised that my shoulders had been up by my ears for years - in my BUZZED out busy times. The benefit I felt from just 4 treatments was incredible!


So, now that I am lifting a toddler, I recently have returned & cannot recommend it more.


I warn you that you might histerically laugh to hear the pop and crackle of gas being released in the gentle manipulations - but believe me it is just gas - you will walk out of a session taller & lighter.

Our back relates to our past emotions.

Our back in ancient Eastern medicine represents our past, as well as our support system. The lower back representing our security. The upper the emotions that we choose to shoulder.


As a sensitive soul, I have lived my life being a people pleaser. Which to a point is a good thing. However, I have learnt that TOO much caring about and wishing to make others happy - is just a distraction from my own responsibility - ME!


In the past I have shouldered far more concerns about others than necessary.


Thankfully, I have learned I need to focus on myself and to take responsibility for each of Life's 7 INGREDIENTS. In order to be happy, pain free and to make the most of my life.


I have learnt that we alone can make ourselves happy so I am no longer attached to other people's happiness - or feel that it is my responsibility to uplift others. 


The amount of emotional baggage that I have faced, dealt with and let go of these past 9 years - is undeniable - in terms of the transformation in how I feel physically. 

Get yourself straight!

I obviously recommend that you visit my Doctor. Sandra Garratt. Ascot Chiropractic Clinic. Berkshire. England. She is BRILLIANT! 


If she is a wee bit far away from you, then simply wish for the right doctor for you.


They say that..."When the student is ready the teacher will appear".


So, if it is time that you got yourself straight. If it is time you set down any emotional baggage that you are carrying, then check out what is available near to you.


Sessions are £30 each - which are completely worth it!