STEP 9a. Life's 4th INGREDIENT - LOVE...Part 1.

How to wish well for life’s greatest ingredient. The ingredient we call LOVE…Part 1.

A wee pause in the blog has occurred in the last few weeks because I had to take enough time to think back over the things that I have learnt about the magic of manifesting in order to do this most important of subjects justice. It has taken a lot of thought to ensure to include all of the different tips that I have thought of and picked up, and remember exactly all the details that I tried in order to find my LSoaring heartVE.

I shall do my best in today’s blog to list the ways that I can only term as boosting up my VIBE – from one of flatness to a vibration of love- in order to attract my darling Star. My intention being that by delving into my own interpretation of how to wish well for LOVE, that others too may bring love into their lives!

I believe that when you have learnt something positive you should pass it on!

So this blog is to share my method about how back in 2008 I used The Law of Attraction as well as examined how and where my VIBE was at, in order to bring my true love about. By taking responsibility for my love life up until then, as well as making time to ACTUALLY think about what it was that I did want! I now find myself writing to you from a place of Brilliance where love is BLISS.

ACTION: This list of how to’s contains 13 tips (you will find 7-13 in the next blog) of how to magic up love. So if you wish to find love… why not give these easy to do tips a go and see how love finds you.

Love is the 4th ingredient to life. You need to first sort out the 1st – You & Your health. Loving you, in order to get love back!

As annoying and ‘self helpy’ this sounds its true. If you do not honour yourself you are not going to match the VIBE of love with another.


To some extent too our 2nd and 3rd ingredients – family & friendships, need to Capture in a balanced state too, or one of neutrality, in order to Capture in a place where you will attract love. Please see my previous blogs to find full understanding of the first 3 of life’s ingredients.

Do your own WOO list for love………As per the last blog’s method…please ACTUALLY think about and list what you DO want. Start with the title:

Why is it so easy for my love life to Capture?

– as we discussed in the last blog, fill out the following in your birthday book with your own desires, I have listed a few ideas to start you off:

My love life is…BLISSfull, fun, easy….

My true love is…loving, honest, kind, thoughtful, sincere, friendly, intelligent, available to Capture in love with me, financially independent, happy in his own skin…

we love to:


  • see…
  • experience…
  • share…
  • travel to…

Add emotion to power up the magic of attraction by listing how you might wish to feel with your love.

Why? Well simply put Emotions are energy in motion, they are more powerful than thoughts and so by adding feeling to your thinking makes your magneticness ramp up!

So when you write your WOO list imagine how you will feel when your wishes of love Capturecome true, for example:

Being with him makes me feel…truly loved

Being with him makes me feel …safe

He makes my heart burst with joy! …I honestly wished this for myself on my WOO list and this is what my love made for me for our first Christmas togetherheart soar photo by stars 


Capture clear about what it is you DO want, NO negatives.

For your WOO list ensure that you are noting down positive phrases so you are only writing what you DO want on your list. If you are finding this a challenge and your mind is dwelling on what you don’t want (the negatives)  note these thoughts down in draft (not on your list) then re-write frm a positive point of view on your WOO list in your dreambook, for example not writing:

I don’t want my love to Capture unfaithful…or to  Capture a workaholic etc….

Instead write:

My love and I share a pure love that will last a lifetime.

I am grateful that my love has a balance of work and play in his life.

Check your beliefs and expectations about love.

So if you have not got what you want now – can you think that everything up till now has happened in the past?  the past is our history….now is the time to draw a line under those memories that may contain sadness, anger, frustration, resentment or trauma. To let go of our past emotional baggage so that we are free to Capturehappy now and open ourselves to a love filled future.

Once you let go you are free to expect better!

Capture lieve!

The trick is to believe. To have hope so that you are not closed to new opportunities – how many people do you hear that have a totally negative script? e.g. you always hear them saying about things “that will never happen”!? 

You need to believe that BRILLIANTpeople are everywhere. See that and believe it – or do you believe that folk are …not to be trusted? – If you do believe that then they won’t Capture!

Have we as a society lost the belief in the sweetness of life? How many stories do we hear about good things and things going great for people? Lots I hope – however, right now I fear our media is full of the contrary. We have a tendency to dwell on negative topics about how people are cheating and hating each other and their children -when in reality there are millions more that are being loving and kind to each other.

You will Capture boosting your VIBE if you choose to believe in the sweetness of life…believe that someone WILL treat you the way that you treat them!… believe that someone WILL treat you the way that you deserve!!!

So believe in LOVE!

How many of you that have not yet found your love believe that you will?

I remember feeling lonely and longing to meet someone who would give me what I was offering too – we can I am sure all relate to such feelings at some point on our path.

If you are still reading this blog series I imagine that you on some level agree with, take on-board and are hopefully living the truth – the truth that we are in control of our thoughts – and thus we can choose what we think and what we believe.

We can choose what we are thinking and so we CAN choose to release any negativity and doubt that is adversely affecting our lives.

Believe there is enough for everybody and that there is someone for everyone.

Who knows what will happen tomorrow? …the mystery of the future is just that!

To attract BRILLIANT things you not only have to Capture BRILLIANTyourself by putting out love to yourself and others – you also have to believe that others out there are BRILLIANT too!


…to Capture continued in Part 2.

STEP 9b – to complete the next step of this recipe, 4th Ingredient: LOVE, click HERE for PART 2.

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