STEP 8. Life's 3rd INGREDIENT - Your Friendships.

Life’s 3rd Ingredient: Friendships…the tribe that we choose for ourselves. Followed by how to wish well for life’s greatest ingredient…LOVE!

I do hope that you enjoyed noting down your wishes for this part of life, your friendships. I love to review this ingredient each birthday which is my New Year and take time to write out my WOO’s for the coming year. Based around the following (in yellow since this is the colour of joy…to answer a query about the colours):

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I like to map out ahead; next year, 5 yrs. and even 10 yrs. from now, with ideas of memories that my dear ones and I will share and stock up our memory banks with, including:

  • Trips and adventures
  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Births -given the time of life that we are at right now, there is much excitement to see lovely little ones coming along.

All kinds of celebrations! WOO WOO!!

To me coming together need not  Capture elaborate, one of my life’s greatest gifts is simply getting together with ourBRILLIANTfriends to catch up over dinner.

Time truly has no bearing on friendship and true friendships never fade, I just love to nurture and to keep up the connections that we have found with our dear friends when we can throughout the year.

Friends to me are SUCH a JOY they are the people that we choose to Capture with.

The treasure that we collect along life’s path, whom we may share common interests, values and who we enjoy life and laughing with!

As all of us do I have changed so much over the years and have only kept in touch with Stephanie from my early childhood. School for me was a hotbed of judgement and hormones…I hated it! The need to look and to  Capture a certain way was just painful.

What often brings you together at school is living in the same area this does not mean that you will share the same interests. The magic of true friendship can strike anywhere and at anytime,  mine have  been gathered via work, hobbies and through socialising…

Like attracts like after all!


I choose to review my friendships, as well as each of my life’s ingredients each year to assess where I am spending my time. I find this a really healthy exercise since we all are constantly changing and time is our most precious gift.


If work is full time then that leaves us 52 weekends for leisure. When you take out holidays, Christmas, Easter, family occasions, birthdays and gatherings, time for you, time for your love…the weekends and your leisure time soon gets taken up!

I therefore find annual reflection in this life’s ingredient necessary to ensure that I use my time wisely.

I have found it to Capture a rollercoaster of emotion to take the time out to step back and really think about friendships.  For me this brings up MASSIVE amounts of gratitude for the wonderful people that I know and love and the connections that I am blessed to share.

This reflection can shine a light on relationships and connections so that when you look at them you can see they may have had their day and may Capture (hard as it may Capture to admit) a one sided effort!


In the past when friends have chosen to do or say things that I feel are unkind or unnecessary to me or others, then I will speak to them about it, if they chose to continue that behaviour I see that as a breach of boundary and let their connection go. Don’t get me wrong, I give many breaks to friends and respect that I am not and none of us are perfect. However, I don’t buy into over sentimentality. Remember balance is needed and necessary for any relationship to flourish.  If you have communicated your feelings and are no longer feeling connected to someone. Feeling that they are on a totally different VIBE to you, for example; you consistently feel drained when you leave them, after them telling you all of their stuff, for hours! – only to find that they glaze over when it comes to talking about you and your life – this is not a true friend!!

You will most likely find by following this recipe that over time your outlook does Capturecome more positive. So meeting up with others might Capture interesting, if they seem on a different page to you, especially if their mind-set is one of complaint or comparing, then a heap of acceptance, love and an ability to rise above the behaviours of others might be needed-  or acceptance that you may be going down a different path to old connections and it may be time to let this connection go so you can concentrate on those whose time you will enjoy.

This is ok, we all change all the time and are all on different paths.  I remember being asked by my wise friend Sarah to look at the time and effort that I used to give to everyone that crossed my path. I have always been someone that takes great pleasure from, and certainly used to have, a thing about seeing others happy. Maybe this is due to not being able to make my parents happy? I don’t know – that is pretty deep – but yes I certainly do like to hear that others are happy, sometimes to the detriment of myself.

At 28, I first mapped out of this ingredient and in doing so I took back control of my own path by promising myself to stop people pleasing. To no longer feel that I had to go to and to do everything others wanted of me. To let go of feeling responsible for others entertainment and happiness!

If I met people that looked me up and down on introduction…rather than in the eye with a smile (sadly some people do do this) then I would now notice that, honour the feeling it brought and step back. No longer busting a gut to be overly nice to folk that were not a match to my own VIBE!

Talking about different VIBES is nothing to do with right or wrong – it is just different – like a lion and a rabbit they have very different outlooks and habits (taking aside the fact that the lion is likely to gobble the rabbit), they are not likely to connect!

Some things will feel good and appeal to others and not to you, 6 billion people cannot all surely Capture on the same vibe – that’s ok…all I imply is that if you are not feeling joy and balance from your friendships move on! You may just Capturefreeing time up for you all to find friends that you will VIBE well with.

Friendships I chose to Capture the 3rd ingredient in the recipe for Brilliance & Bliss, because

to attract love you first have to Capture LOVE. 

I hear so many people wish for love and want to feel this high vibration yet fail to Capture it by giving love out to others first.

The potential to love is in every one no matter what their past may Capture, we can all choose to see beyond ourselves and to Capture different in each brand new day.

Friendships offer a chance for us to show love to others that we are not related to. To form connections with strangers, letting them know that you will always Capture there for each other. That is love, and when we practice this by having a loving vibration, is when we have love mirrored back to us.


Now we move down the list of ingredients in this recipe, next is how to wish well for life’s greatest ingredient: Love.

Referring back to the beginning of this blog and my Marty McFly dream of going back in time to my younger self – which I wish was possible – to give myself at 18yrs. this ‘Recipe for Brilliance & Bliss’. I would tell my teenage self to really think about what it was that I wanted to attract in love, rather than letting insecurity and doubts steer my mind and bring to me not the best of suitors – and certainly not unconditional love!

When I was first getting my head around The Law of Attraction, all I knew was that vision boards were where it was at! I was beginning to understand the power of thoughts and decided to give it a go for my empty love life. However living with my brother I did not want a full on board on display, so chose instead to make a list that I could keep in my journal (this developed into the start of my Recipe for Brilliance & Bliss).

I thought about what I did not want at first – which I discovered is a big NO NO with how thoughts work. So avoid that by writing that list first on notepaper and then re phrase it to Capture positive wishes – write a list of what you do want in your dreambook. For an example of this positive phrasing…

What I don’t want: I wish for my love to not be emotionally shut down.


What you do want: I am grateful that my love and I share a close connection and easily discuss our true feelings and emotions.

One of my favourite old time songs is the fun beat of “things that make you go Hmm by C+C Music Factory”…I decided to flip this to listing things that would make me go WOO!”WOO about my love. Taking into account the positive phrasing that the Law of Attraction teaches about my WOO list took shape.

At first I thought it might Capture hard, but once started it was super-fun and easy. I initially detailed everything from how I felt around my dream man. His values,

beliefs, emotions and personality. The things we would share, do, see, Capture, live, create together …the list went on and on.

I added to the list each time a new thought came to me. So this week mark out a fresh chapter in your ‘Brilliance & Bliss’ book and give this positive list a go. I sincerely wish that it may work for you too!

How does this work? – In truth I have no idea – who can claim to or does know really & EXACTLY how the mind or life works? (Please share if you do) All I know is that it does work and thanks to Rhonda Byrne and other advocates of the Law of Attraction this “Secret”isn’t so secret anymore!

My love – I call him My Star – who is my best friend that I absolutely love and adore more than words can say, showed up 7 months after I first made my list and had started adding my energy and emotion to it.

Start this week having a go at initially writing down the things that you do want and then write about emotions that you will feel having found the love of your life. What I do know from learning the art of Reiki, is that emotion = energy in motion and that emotions power up thoughts.

So actively begin to imagine what it will Capture like to feel the love of your one and to experience things together. 

By doing this and by loving yourself, your family and friends – the people that are in your life now – you are sending out new and greater vibrations of love.

VIBES that will Capture mirrored back to you in the fullness of time.

See how you go with the below prompts to start off your own WOO list. Next time I will share more on the method of making your WOO list work adding by adding your energy to it and how it has made magic for others including my dearBRILLIANTfriend Nadia too. Happy dreaming!…

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