STEP 7. Life's 2nd INGREDIENT - Your Family.

Life’s 2nd Ingredient: Family…the part of life that has taught me most that not everything can bee the way that you wish it to bee. To look for and to appreciate the good and the great things and to accept the rest. Followed with wishing for the 3rd ingredient: Friendships; the family that we do choose!

I hope that you have continued to follow the method of this Recipe for Brilliance & BLISS by making some time this past week to think about what will make you feel WOO about your family. Noting down and perhaps gathering pictures about: 2nd ingredient


This ingredient is fascinating to explore in terms of the paths that we choose for ourselves. This is why it has to Capture the 2nd ingredient in this Recipe for Brilliance & BLISS, following perfectly on from the 1st ingredient: ‘ME’ & My health.

Our family are where we come from and where we learn the most; shaping our personality, habits and beliefs.  What we learn during our upbringing affects what we end up doing and how we choose to Capture – which is of course our VIBE!


Our intention is to look at each ingredient and to build a picture of where and what we wish to move towards and Capture.

So looking at where you are with your own family is so important in coming to a complete picture of the blend of your own life.

I hope that many folk do have harmonious relationships with all of their family and do not choose to Capture like something out of the ever arguing Eastenders. Hopefully there will Capture many things to celebrate about your family connections. However, this is not always easy since we are all unique and whilst that is what is so great about life – for it brings a spice – it also creates the opportunity for disharmony. We are naturally all so different from each other and all individuals in our family units. We each have our own willand own choices to make about our lives. 

So guess what? – Unless you are the Brady Bunch or absolutely PERFECT all of the time!!!??? (Something that no group of humans can claim).  Then it is likely that without a heap of acceptance added to this life’s ingredient, that the individual aspects & different natures in your family are likely to rub each other up the wrong way, causing tensions between you. From my own experience of repeating this pattern for much of my 20s, this is a shame and a waste of time to keep stuck in dramas, dwelling on past hurts and not understanding and accepting the differences between each other. A waste of time and SO draining!

The virtues of acceptance & tolerance are mostly learnt within the family. Without the application of these virtues we would all keep falling into the traps of the contagious 2 C’s – Complaining & Comparing. Because we are all so different!

It is human nature to drop into the 2 C’s when we are upset. Just try to remember that we all have the chance to choose to Capture better…to choose the way we wish to Capture

Bee in action!
Here’s hoping that all bees have happy hives!!

I have found with my own family experience (which I reference in the page ‘why Good-VibeNation has been created) with the divorce of my parents in my younger years when they were understandably so wrapped up and entrenched in their own emotions, that they had no headspace or will to guide me to explore my own dreams.

I place no blame or shame on them by sharing this, I have come to an amazing feeling of acceptance. This simply means that I got to a time when I decided to choose to stop complaining!

When I first put together the list of WOO’s for my own family I decided to stop allowing low negative thoughts of complaint to haunt me by allowing them to rattle about in my head.  Instead I chose to drawn a line under the past experience and negative thoughts of family and moved forward to enjoy the now.

I chose to focus on the good and the great about each other rather than what sets us apart – this to me is accepting that when it comes to others we cannot impose our will or beliefs on how others choose to Capture.

It is only and always our reaction that counts and so by committing to continuing to look for and to appreciate the good and the great things about my family and to accept the rest, I keep my VIBE feeling BRILLIANT

Taking time to think about where my parents and grandparents have come from and then considering their emotional perspective on things, has really helped me to accept, understand and to love them.  This perspective continues to help me not to react to their opinions or beliefs when they are different from my own. Where as in the past where things may have upset me, now I accept our differences. It is so liberating to see my parents as people, to give them a break on things and to let go of the affect that their behaviour has had on me. Ahh… freedom from complaint and of mind to me truly is BLISS! leaving space just to see and experience the best in life.

My wishes for my family are to see all enjoy their lives.  To support & to care for each other, to share laughter and fun new experiences, to fill our memory banks with BRILLIANT& BLISSFULL times. Which involve things that connect with us all such as; wildlife, spectacular scenery, sunsets, music, movies, messing about on a river and of course food…


The next and 3rd ingredient before moving onto LOVE is friendships.

Our friends, when chosen well, bring SO much JOY and the ability to truly Capture ourselves.

I think that this is such an important part of life in terms of its effect on our happiness – after all these are the ones that we choose to spend our time with – friends rub off on us and often show us the type of person that we wish to attract in love. I hope that you will enjoy noting the things that you already have and are grateful for in this area as well as what will bring you more WOO’s!

 3rd Ingredient - My Friendships picture for blog




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